Publication Obligation to Agencies

Agreement Document.

  1. The publications generally shouldaccept advertising only at theirpublished card rates but wherethe Publication and Agency havedecided to operate outside the publications rate card, the publication must have a signed Document covering all aspectsof the agreement, duly signed bythe agency.
  2. The Agreement Document must contain all aspects of the agreement with regard to:
    • Rates
    • Premia for special positions, if to be charged orto be waived.
    • Supplement rates to be mentioned, if different fromCard Rates.
    • Black & White/Colour.
    • Volume commitment and
    • Applicable rate in case of non-fulfillment of committedvolume.
  3. Agreement Document should also specify the billing rate, i.e., whether the discount is to be parted in the rate itself or if it is to be passed on through a credit note atregular intervals or at the end of the agreement periodafter assessing the volume consumed.
  4. Publications Marketing & Sales Team must give a copy of the Agreement Document to the publication Finance/Commercial department and P

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