President Speech at AGM


Presidential Address :-

Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all to the 78th Annual General Meeting of your Society. It is indeed a proud moment for me to address you on this important annual occasion. Newspapers will remain vital to sustain democracy especially in these times of social media ascendancy. A shrunken newspaper industry would fragment the public discourse and weaken democracy itself. The print industry operates in a dynamic environment with readers’ needs and preferences changing continuously. In such an environment, it is imperative for publishers to innovate consistently and also engage and interact with their readers on a real-time basis. The activities of your Society for the last one year have been outlined in the Annual Report which is with you but I seek your indulgence to elaborate few issues which are of vital importance for the financial strength and effectiveness of the print media industry in the largest democracy of the world. This year was really eventful in te

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