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Objective Of INS

The objective of the Society which may be enlarged at any time as herein after provided are:-

  • To act as a central organization of the Press of India.
  • To promote and safegaurd such business interests of members as a affected or are likely to be affected by the action of Legislatures, Governments, the Law Courts, municipal and local bodies and associations or organizations commercial or formed for any other purpose and to take such steps as may seem desirable to that end.
  • To collect information upon all topics having a practical interest for members and to communicate the same to them.
  • To promote co-operation in all matters affecting the common interests of members.
  • To hold periodical conferences of its members to discuss and determine action on matters of common interest.
  • To make rules to govern the conduct of its members, to provide penalties for the infringement thereof, and to provide means of determining whether there has been such infringement.
  • To maintain a permanent secretariat in India to watch over the interests of members and to permit of a constant interchange of information and views.

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